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Scientific Programme

Over the past decades our educational systems have changed considerably. The “Bologna process”, the spread of the Internet and the development of new technologies have considerably influenced traditional educational systems. Our new conditions require new approaches: we face new challenges while we find unexplored opportunities.

E-learning, appeared and quickly spread across the North American educational landscape, bringing with it new educational strategies and methods. It became particularly popular for dispersed and diverse communities and it is now considered to be both central to primary education and an important aspect of lifelong learning, opening to universities a wide range of new opportunities.

In post-Soviet countries the traditional educational systems haven't changed as radically as have their political and economic systems. It is therefore now extremely important that universities engage in reforms with the aim to meet current and changing dynamic trends in education.

Professionals from educational area are encouraged to submit abstracts and workshop proposals on the main conference topics:
  • Global e-Learning
    • Crossing Cultures Online
    • Inter-University Networks
    • Collaborative International Courses
  • Life-long Learning Online
    • Developing Skills for New Careers
    • Non-Degree Courses
  • Media Literacy and the Digital Divide
    • Bandwidth: the Have's and the Have-Not's
    • Copyright: Restriction or Protection
    • Software: Property or Open-source?
  • Teaching and Learning Online
    • Transformative Course Design
    • Engaging and Motivating Students
    • Teaching Languages Online
Student's section:
  • Distance Learning: Opportunities for Students
    • Effective eLearning: Success Stories
    • Motivation and independent learning of students in eLearning
    • Effective communication in eLearning