About EHU


The European Humanities University (EHU) is a Belarusian university in exile based in Vilnius, Lithuania. EHU was founded in Minsk in 1992 and closed by authorities in 2004. It re-launched activities in Vilnius in 2005 and was granted the status of a Lithuanian university in 2006.

Currently, EHU is the only Belarusian university committed to academic freedom and the process of integrating a European higher education on BA and MA levels. The University offers quality liberal education and research. Students can choose either face-to-face or low-residence modes of study. EHU aims to become a part of the international academic network, thereby reaching out to other universities for constructive cooperation.

Being located in neighboring Lithuania, EHU remains the only university in the history of higher education in Belarus which retained real university autonomy, despite various forms of pressure by authorities.

With the support of close international cooperation, the University created academic programs and research projects that enable Belarusian students and teachers to pursue knowledge, think critically and develop their skills, otherwise less accessible in Belarus itself. The growing reputation of EHU has rapidly brought it into collaboration with some well-known European and American universities, distinguished for their quality of education and academic life.

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